Brannach Olann

Giving Farmers a fair cut

A New Model


We believe there is a simpler and fairer way to work together with wool farmers, and that’s why we are challenging the traditional UK wool sourcing systems.
Farming sheep for wool has been one of the most effective ways to create high quality and natural products with incredible warmth, comfort and versatility.
Brannach Olann is determined to take the knowledge passed on through generations and use innovation to ensure a buoyant and sustainable future for the wool industry.

Mission Statement

Brannach Olann sets out to lead by example in the global drive for ethical business practices.


Mission Driven

We are committed to delivering a new way of sourcing while offering the highest quality wool-based products, with accountability at the heart of our operations.


Eco Friendly

Brannach Olann are using an innovative approach to sourcing, processing and transport.


Leaving a Legacy

Brannach Olann is committed to leaving the land, its stakeholders and the environment in a stronger place for future generations.

Environmentally Better


Brannach Olann strives to remodel how we work alongside the environment, investing into the grassroots of farming. We are dedicated to creating a network of companies that work in synergy, increasing the knowledge that directly benefits the environment, one which ensures we leave a legacy of accountable business for generations to come.

On an operational level Brannach Olann is investing in more durable packing materials that are re-useable. Reducing carbon emissions by increasing transport efficiency and improving wool packing.

We invest in co-working with companies to find business solutions that directly benefit the environment.

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