Our quality is driven by investing IN the grassroots of sheep farming, and empowering the farmer to invest in their own land

Our Products


Brannach Olann brings you the finest quality raw wool products. We concentrate on quality, it’s what defines us and ensures we can pay our farmers a fair price. This quality can be felt by the end user, as the journey from farmer to store is steeped in careful, qualitative production processes.


Fine Wool

Fine, with a shorter staple length and finer micron, this type gives you a better coverage of wool within the same area compared to a coarser wool type. The loft of the product is also superior in this wool type compared to other wool types for jacket insulation. Also the natural wicking effect that wool has draws moisture away from the body and helps the body regulate heat a lot better than petroleum based products.



A wool carpet. Wool has excellent durability, can be dyed easily and is fairly abundant. Carpet produced by Brannach Olann wools has natural allergenic properties, is hard wearing with a natural feel underfoot. This carpet is fire retardant and biodegradable.


Down Wool

Downs, again with a shorter staple length but coarser fibre. This gives a wonderful loft to the product and will help regulate your body temperature extremely well while sleeping. Our down wools are used in a range of high quality quilts.



The Merino is one of the most historically relevant and economically influential breeds of sheep, much prized for its wool. This product is very light weight compared to other wools. Merino lends itself perfectly for use in Knitwear/apparel, has fantastic insulating properties and can be worn close to skin.



With unique farm codes on every bag of wool, the entire production process can be followed. This enables us to offer complete clarity of where the wool is farmed, journeying through to how it gets to customers.


Quality Assurance


At Brannach Olann we initiate our quality at source, working with high-quality wool producers. Utilising our strict in-house quality threshold developed over the 40 years we have been involved in the wool trade. Our focal driving force at Brannach Olann is to marry quality with environmental accountability. Improving efficiency and working in synergy with the environment are the cornerstone of our operation.

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