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Brannach Olann wool is creating a sustainable future

The Current Challenge


Farming methods do not always consider their negative implications on the environment. Prices for farmer’s products fluctuate with the market and the subsidies that support farming come and go. This makes it hard for the farmers to financially plan year-to-year and the environment can be forgotten in the process.

The Process


Full traceability and a drive to get wool producers at one with their environment, using regenerative farming methods.

A link to like-minded people who will share their experience and expertise.


Brannach Olann Solution


How do we bring farm practices into alignment with the environment while safeguarding the land for future generations, and still ensure farming is profitable for the farmers?

Championing next-generation farming practices which will replenish the environment and protect the land for future generations, while guaranteeing a partnership of trust, reliability and profit with our farming partners.

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